boss man of his clothes thrown the sentence

  • he loses, loser to call back again to be out of the nine men, lined up, crying his face red.

    the summer of 2004 he participated in a show called I shape my program, when he was a soil to the soil can no longer be a boy - dressed in the wide t-shirt ,franklin marshall, cut with a short hair, also dyed gold. He is so humble, but when he spoke up sheets, the scene of people at once silent. That summer, he became a champion, although he won wearing a cheap suit, but the boy who was shrouded in layers of self-confidence and arrogance indicates that he will have an extraordinary life. Although he was only 21 years old, there are countless superstars praised him for singing. It seems the road in front of him is so flat.

    he lost his mind too hard, because he thought could give him a better ranking chance, maybe he really is his parents to buy a big house full of flowers.

    bright light shines, he has turned gorgeous,franklin and marshall, leaving only the most beautiful glory. He looked thin and back, my ear suddenly ringing with her,adidas f50, singing softly: tears, said that from now on, he's happy to give to you, and you also want him to be happy!

    he stumbled all the way from the sea began to carry the election with more than 100 times the pressure of other people. I have been extremely hate the man who called black Nan, because he always double standards. Is obviously a perfect flawless singing, but always have the means to pick out his problems. 50 into 10, he was all the way to be determined, the final needs and the other three players compete for the final top ten places. At this time, she sang as the host of areas, the eyes should not have been a little bit Shuiguang. Music sounded, the lights focus on a person to his body. When he sang the first word, I again stunned. Different from three years ago for his stunning voice, this time my heart was shocked.

    he lost share in the certainty of his own self-confidence, hard work and talent he is proud of his capital. So he tried all types of what prove he can sing songs.

    At this stage, the stage is only a person of his own laughter, his face just relaxed. He took over the microphone, silly, but truthfully say: I am most grateful to a person, Nana. At that moment, the audience applause. All of them moved for him. Stumbling, simple dialogue, lines like the most sensational of the Korean general beauty. I did not intend to cry, to which a confession was moved to tears. In this moment because I know how to love.

    and her? To keep his embarrassment, she gave up the opportunity to host the final of Chengdu. Later, she even gave up the national finals, just because she can not stand that woman with the flower to comment with a tone of ridicule soul singing his own songs. How stupid she is ah! The final ratings can even let the judges as supporting a sensation, she had a sister variety to consolidate his position, but, for him,franklin et marshall, she gave up.

    do not know how he lost in the smooth face of all people, delivered a speech which one has resigned, or worry about the outcome keeping everything, pretending to be calm.

    his eyes there something in the flashing, I think it was tears of happiness. Directed to the woman who took a shot with her eyes wide and cow bell as big as it seems silly not believe that the boys really in this world can see program, to make such a woman confession.

    This is how desperate cry! This is how deep the feelings! I hurt up, the 24-year-old kidman in the end how much suffering has been! Finally, he advance the top 10, along with the recognition that black-man, and stars several times the growth.

    he loses, loser helpless judges called him resign to fate.

    he does, that come out from the red tiles of the boys room is synonymous with bad luck - out of the two albums, but few fans. So all the people will say about him: He farther and farther away from his dream, but fortunately, he has her, and utter devotion of a group of friends. He can, on their programs, make some notice fees, with his treble Hyun and stunning beauty of the audience below. Only his relationship with her is still uncertain. Despite being two of them will open a trick, and both are killed does not recognize the attitude. But I have to capture such a shot: his eyes secretly free, over what the teacher's shoulders, and she smiled at each other. Well, at that moment filled open.

    how proud she was, she finally established itself in the Hunan Satellite TV has become an excellent presenter, and her side more than the general charm of a man like Prince. The man has a tall body, broad shoulders, the general features such as sculpture, and a pair of blue eyes. Every woman would blush to see more of his eyes ran away. She hugged the man like the prince, laughing very very sweet, but my mind was worried about the faint, the good man in the end will be at her side for how long?

    her and he came the sex scandal, but everything is just smoke and mirrors. We all thought it was just two frustrated people want to re-energized the trick. Cynical followed. A fascination with the prince's friends conspire to me and said: Prince is just lucky that synonymous with perfection, his speech was a baffling Haiyan play, and then inexplicable bursts of red, and unexplained by a famous actress of international value, then guide and support the speech of the several international film, easily become a first-line niche. His lazy eyes seemed to laugh at the world in no way to fight those who worked so hard to be successful people.

    But, but, she actually returned to the man who hurt her on the stage, facing the hurt that her flirtatious woman with flowers. All this is for him! She wanted to help him into the top three. On stage, she danced with him,polo ralph lauren femme, a perfect match. When their eyes met, eyes focused only have each other. Package Kogashiwa said: match. These two are very shy but proud smile.

    championship final, he finally became the Chengdu Division title. Although record companies are bosses who have some understanding of the humiliated, but he got humiliated SMS votes but a group of fiercely opinionated bosses. When he pulled out the title that the symbol of the sword, joy in his eyes flashing.

    2007 year in April, he was on the entertainment headlines - type of show champion Jie defected to participate in Happy Boys. Voices of doubt one wave after wave! One had two albums out on what basis can the artists participating in the draft! Three years of their eyes enough to the edge of the boy into the vicissitudes of life, but the boy can not change the goodness of heart of hearts, pure. He was the singing-class, mediocre little fool to speak. I saw he scratched his head, slumped to say: I just want to sing. I laughed out loud, the fool, in the entertainment Baihun, even if all could not speak to a few scenes.

    his eyes filled with affection, put down the microphone, magnificent turn. Top 9 surrounded him, like a real king, surrounded by the general, left the stage. 4 years since the start of this program since the departure of almost everyone in the elevator slowly about the stage. No one has ever enjoyed such a high standard of treatment. I think all the people understand that you are the true champions, including three years that the so-called strong, otherwise they would not be so lonely figure as three forgotten homeless.

    her, is a growth in Chengdu, the ordinary girl, there is no outstanding appearance, but it has a good heart and crazy character. But she do not care, just want to use her own power can create a new day. He graduated from the same an ordinary university, Chuaizhuo completely irrelevant with the host of a diploma,polo ralph lauren, she alone came to Changsha, Hunan Satellite TV has entered.

    he went down: I want to thank her for always encouraging me to try many different songs, I'm not a singer will sing love songs, Zhang Jie anything can sing!

    he loses, lost badly, lose the fun of the two always keep his tears fall down host.

    he was lost, lost to the public judges, losing by two fan groups merged forces.

    later, he finally found his way to the front covered with thorns. No matter how hard he tried, he always half red nor black. That his extreme appreciation of the Harry felt extremely Xu confusion. His singing is not self-confidence seems to be slowly started. And other new out of the back, he completely abandoned. Has a strong group of new fans with the group. And he, every time the autograph session to follow only a few diehard fans. High-spirited group of newcomers in the front of the green he is so shabby. His new album was half-heartedly, has become the victim of power struggle. When he was appointed to the new owner has his new album reflect the noise, the man in the cold, boss man of his clothes thrown the sentence: Or Save it! Although she could not believe, but just have to accept the general acceptance of this fact. The beginning of this love, she is the weaker party that almost everyone thought she was just a crazy star-kai, good enough for the perfect prince. She finally collapsed in a program in return for only the reputation of speculation by ex-boyfriend. Hype? She needs it? I only know that she is a sister variety Mainland China, presided over the highest rated programs.

    相关的主题文章: US President Barack Obama warned of a "deep economic crisis" if Washington fails to raise the US debt limit, and urged Americans in a speech to demand that Republicans compromise in stalled talks to avoid a default. A day shy of the one-week mark before the United States begins to run out of money to pay its bills, Obama in a nationally televised address called the debt talks stalemate that now has dragged on for weeks "a dangerous game" that the country "cannot afford to play." As the president spoke from the East Room of the White House, the dollar plunged to a four month low in Tokyo early Tuesday amid growing jitters as the impasse between Republicans and Democrats over the US debt crisis deepened. Obama cast the blame for the stalemate on Republicans' refusal to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling unless there is agreement to make deep spending cuts without increases in taxes on the wealthy. If Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by August 2, the resulting economic disaster could include higher interest rates for the US government as well as for American consumers. Failure to compromise, Obama said in his speech from the White House, "would risk sparking a deep economic crisis -- one caused almost entirely by Washington." He rejected a Republican proposal for a temporary increase in the debt limit, arguing it would leave the underlying problem unresolved and lead to a repeat of the current crisis in just six months' time. "That is no way to run the greatest country on Earth. It is a dangerous game we've never played before, and we can't afford to play it now," he said. With a potential US default as of Tuesday just a week away, Obama appealed to Americans to "make your voice heard" to members of Congress. Obama's 9:00 pm (0100 GMT) speech was only his seventh formal address to the nation, and the first since he unveiled a timeline for a US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in June. The top Republican leader in Congress, John Boehner, responded with a late-night speech of his own Monday, blaming Obama for the crisis, and warning that while the United States cannot default on its debt obligations, Americans nevertheless would demand deep cuts in spending. Boehner -- who has flatly rejected Obama's call for tax hikes on the rich and on wealthy corporations -- is proposing a two-step plan with increases first to February or March 2012, and later to 2013. "Time is running short and it would be irresponsible for the president to veto this common-sense plan and run the risk of default," said Boehner, who is the speaker of the House of Representatives. "I would encourage the Senate to pass this plan and the president to sign it," he said. The prospect of the world's richest country running out of cash to pay its bills come next Tuesday sent stocks sliding and gold soaring while the IMF warned of a "severe shock" to the world economy absent an elusive breakthrough. Washington hit its debt ceiling on May 16 but has used spending and accounting adjustments, as well as higher-than-expected tax receipts, to continue operating normally but can only do so through August 2. At that point, US leaders will face an agonizing choice about cutting an estimated 40 cents of every dollar in spending and defaulting either on debt payments or on other obligations like government health or retirement benefits. Finance and business leaders have warned that failure to raise the US debt ceiling by then would send shockwaves through the fragile world economy, while Obama has predicted a default would trigger economic "Armageddon." Meanwhile, there were signs that the stand-off was exacting a political toll on the president. A poll released early Tuesday by the Washington Post and ABC television showed weakening support for Obama's economic agenda, and found that the percentage of people who said Obama has made the economy worse has jumped six points since October to 37 percent. Republicans also took a hit in Americans' esteem however, according to the survey. About as many people blamed Republican policies for the bad economy as they do Obama. But the poll found that 65 percent disapproved of the GOP's handling of jobs -- still the top economic issue -- compared to 52 percent for the president. All sides in the dispute agree Washington must reduce its deficit but disagree on the size and blend of spending cuts and revenue increases as well as on how and whether to slice into the social safety net. The International Monetary Fund pressed US politicians to raise the debt ceiling "expeditiously to avoid a severe shock to the US economy and world financial markets" with the deadline now looming large. Weighed down by the impasse, US stock markets fell and safe-haven Swiss francs soared amid worries about both the dollar and the euro, while gold climbed to a record $1,624 an ounce before falling back slightly to $1,614. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to mollify America's allies and creditors in Asia, promising during a trip there that "intense" wrangling among the White House, its Democratic allies, and Republican foes would reach an 11th-hour compromise.