Man sentenced to death for killing women and child

  • father fled back to the mother, and finally missed and killed her, and he was arrested and brought into the cell. During this time, we have brother and sister had a very hard, no water at home, our brother and sister went to lift; fire cooking, is not born of coke; clothes wash clean, kind of crops do not come.

    whenever awoke from a dream, I always secretly tears. My father's uncle, said the detention center was sentenced to death, to hear the result, my sister and whole body limp. I hope you were able to extrajudicial mercy, not sentenced to death my father right?

    --- Jill

    Jill brothers and sisters, this letter caused the High Court's attention. Case to the end, the brother and sister's fate still affects the judge's heart ... ...

    father missed a moment, let 10-year-old Jill (a pseudonym) never lost her mother and sister; Court of First Instance sentenced the father to death immediately execution, no one to take care of brother and sister are also facing difficulties, so the plea to the judge wrote.

    Yesterday, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter was informed that High Court of second instance considering various factors, commuted to reprieve the case of Final Appeal, to the brother and sister left a hope. In addition, the High Court has also launched a criminal victim assistance mechanism for the brother and sister to apply to 30,000 yuan aid.

    family tragedy

    cohabiting men kill women

    1995, the Guang'an Linshui of Li Yongming was introduced, and when he was 24-year-old Jia Cui began living together,coach outlet store online, in 1996 after the 1999 birth of a child and a daughter, brother and sister is Jill. Li Yongming later learned, Jia bamboo actually married, and has one daughter. The bombing of the hand due to residual Dumou work, Jia bamboo left him. In this way, bamboo Jia Dumou without divorcing her husband, did not register marriages with the Li Yongming the case with Li Yongming quiet life and a pair of children five or six years. Since then, they continue because of a trivial conflict, often quarrel, Jia Li Yongming sometimes beat bamboo.

    2006 October,coach handbags, Jia bamboo with Dumou phone number, they began to frequent contact. Thought of as family conditions Dumou Li Yongming, and often beat themselves, Jia Bamboo decided to return to Dumou side. January 4, 2007, Jia bamboo to work outside the home in the name, secretly returned to Linshui Guanyinqiaozhen Dumou home. January 7, Li Yongming heard the news then decided to go back to Jia bamboo.

    morning, Li Yongming sister pretended to go out to Jill go to the market, go after, Li Yongming Dumou ride home on his way to buy an ax. 4 pm, see Jia Li Yongming bamboo stand Dumou door, want to pull her back home, seeing Jia bamboo house to hide inside. Li Yongming out ax, North Korea come to stop Dumou and father, daughter, hacking, and then rushed into the back room of the head and face toward the bamboo Jia slash,coach outlet online, followed by a TV with an ax smashed Du, container and other objects, and want to commit suicide cut their own head, after police officers came to stop and was arrested. Jia Cui was sent to hospital after she died, Dumou and his father, his daughter suffered minor injuries.

    father was sentenced to death

    brother and sister write to plead

    Court of First Instance, the Court held that Guang'an, Li Yongming premeditated murder, causing death three injury, a very bad social impact. In October 2007, the Court of First Instance sentenced to death, and awarded compensation Dumou Li Yongming and other economic losses of nearly 2 million victims. Li Yongming first instance verdict against the criminal part of the appeal, said the victim has some fault Jia bamboo; his moment of weakness, to two children, asked the court to give him a new life opportunities.

    that his father was sentenced to death, brother and sister decided to help write a letter to the judge. In December 2007, Jill will be a brother and sister read because I am only 11 years old, no money for my father a lawyer, I have an 8-year-old sister, my father's mother to back away, and finally missed and killed her, and he was arrested and brought into the cell. During this time, we have brother and sister had a very hard, no water at home, our brother and sister went to lift; fire cooking, is not born of coke; clothes wash clean, kind of crops do not come Whenever from a dream wake up, I always secretly tears. Detention Center, said my father's uncle was sentenced to death, to hear the result, my sister and whole body limp. I hope you can extrajudicial mercy, not sentenced to death my father well you? Recently, Li Yongming's second trial to determine the final outcome: High Court that the victim does not properly handle bamboo Jia marriage and family relations, there is some fault on the lead case; Li Yongming later pleaded guilty to justice and good attitude, sentenced to death for Li Yongming, from time to immediately execute, second instance commuted Li Yongming reprieve.

    start rescue mechanism

    two siblings were 30,000 yuan

    second trial after the verdict, Li Yongming was sent to prison in Sichuan Province, Sichuan. Although the case to the end, but the fate of brother and sister Jill has always struck a chord in the hearts of High Court judges. When two small figure smoky cooking, laundry, cold hands and feet, cropland loss ... ... brother and sister Jill described the scene when the letter always appeared in front of the judge Yuan Suhua.

    High Court judge learned that the investigation, Li Yongming's parents have passed away, there is a brother who is a mental retardation, according to Gu Xiaojie unable siblings. The beginning of the incident, due to lack of care, Jill, brother and sister club a few days, the West lives in a few days, a period of time not to go outside or stay in the detention center. Later, Jill, brother and sister to take care of two aunts, two aunts were in the residence where to go to school, and into the local subsistence allowances. But two aunt population, more children, living environment than the poor.

    brother and sister Jill is taking into account the bamboo Jia Li Yongming and long-term cohabitation by the birth of a son and daughter, Jia bamboo after the murder, Li Yongming and imprisonment, in order to ensure the future of life brother and sister Jill, learning, the provincial high Court sentences three collegiate Court Full Court that the justice system should be launched to rescue. This proposal received the support of leading High Court, after approval, the final total of $ 30,000 to apply to judicial relief funds. To ensure rational use of judicial assistance payments, provincial, municipal, and county courts linkage to decide payment by installments, hand tracking monitor the use of aid money.

    rescue victims of criminal

    province is developing implementation rules

    Recently, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Qian Wang and Lin Shuixian interview. Jill has been a middle school reading in Linshui city two days, outstanding, admitted that he wanted the best local high school, and college entrance examinations. Because of the huge family tragedies, Jill who has the maturity and age does not match, very few words, the face of a reporter's question, the answer is very simple. Jill said, for fear of students and teachers are biased, even best friends, he has not talked about his home situation. This semester, he began to live on campus, little weekend back home. For the father killed the mother's behavior, he does not hate his father, He often wrote to his father, encouraged him to mend. Jill is currently worried about is that the father in the prison of depression,Coach Outlet, do not have confidence to face a long prison term.

    , there are three children at home. Jill's sister is currently reading the fifth grade, along with two aunts lived in stone forever Zhenmou primary school. Although not far apart, but the brother and sister can only summer vacation together.

    mainly through the institution of criminal with civil, and other compensation from the defendant the obligation of compensation according to law,coach outlet online store, but in actual harm, murder and other criminal cases, many victims are the mainstay of the home, once a serious disability or even death loss of the ability to work, you need a large number of follow-up treatment costs or lead to loss of relying on family, and the defendant is often limited because of weak economic conditions, compensation, the victim's relatives, especially the lives of minor children have been seriously affected. Crime victims Criminal start relief aid is based on the consideration to save the trapped, to help tide over the difficulties of life criminal victims, relatives of the victims, especially children, basic education to give some assistance in the case of Li Yongming, the victim's son and daughter Jia basic bamboo and education have been affected to start relief payments for victims of criminal brother and sister Jill is significant.

    Wang Liang introduced, the province has been criminal victims to carry out relief work in 2007 on the province issued a central eight ministries have jointly issued the

    Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Cai Xiaoli

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